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Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Cookies
Chocolate Cookies
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The Chocolate Cookies candle is a delightful aromatic experience that brings out the authentic taste of chocolate cookies. With an embrace of warm bright flame, this candle offers an aromatic world full of sweetness and comfort.

The aromatic notes of chocolate embrace the senses, while the atmosphere is filled with the pleasant smell of freshly baked cookies. As the candle burns, the chocolate sensation intensifies, creating an atmosphere in the space that represents the sweet pleasure of a crunchy chocolate chip cookie. Perfect for those looking for a sweet experience, the Chocolate Cookies candle is not just an aroma, but a sweet escape into a world full of flavor and pleasure.

The product weighs 190g without the addition of packaging or container weight. Ingredients:

  • Paraffin wax
  • Aromatic oils
  • Wick made of 100% cotton

Manufactured in our workshop: Androutsou 10, Mintilogli, Patra, Greece.