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About Us

Our company, Candlestick - SOUVALIOTIS FOTIOS, started 30 years ago in Patras, in the area of ​​Mintilogli, its operation and activity in the field of candles.
Over the years, we have learned to build relationships of trust and mutual respect with all of our partners. our customers, such as the production of any type of church candle.

We make church candles, candles & wedding and christening candles, Easter candles, decorative candles for home and business, candle holders with candles in glass decorative candlesticks etc.

In addition, as a company we have the ability to provide the distribution of our products with privately owned vehicles, without any charge at all.
We will always try to keep the name of the company SOUVALIOTIS FOTIOS high in your appreciation, wanting to be by your side, in your every need and every occasion!

Business information:


Store:Ακρωτηρίου 278, ΤΚ. 26500 Πάτρα

Phone: 261 526 284

Lab: Ανδρούτσου 10, Μιντιλόγλι Patras

Phone: 261 052 2153

Tax Identification Number: 046370968

GEMI: 00036636316000